Company Profile

  • EnTec Solutions is a Business and Management consulting firm that was established in
    January 2000 as an LLC. EnTec is dedicated to assisting businesses in producing positive
    results in Profit, Productivity, Growth and Organizational Effectiveness. EnTec is a full service
    management and business consulting firm specializing in assisting both small to medium size
    businesses as well as large corporations.

  • EnTec Solutions brings extensive expertise and experience in the corporate arena, developing
    and implementing strategic planning, leadership, organizational change and effectiveness,
    training and development, and operations management.

  • EnTec Solutions, in partnership with their clients, makes organizational health a reality for their
    business entities. This is accomplished through developing, defining, communicating,
    implementing and reinforcing the vision, values, and the rules of conduct of an organization set
    by the leadership. It does not matter what your business manufactures, sells, or what service it
    provides — if it is large, small, or somewhere in between — organizational health is the key to
    measurable and sustainable success. History shows that the ocean floor is littered with the
    wrecks of businesses that were sound on paper but could not remain afloat during economic
    downturns, leadership changes, and other reversals because the organizations were not healthy
    entities within.

  • David A. Briney is the President and CEO of EnTec Solutions, LLC. His entire professional career
    has been dedicated to furthering the causes of business improvement domestically and
    internationally. He has consistently transformed under performing organizations into high-
    performance businesses. He  is a tactically capable strategic thinker. He specializes in change
    management, strategic planning, team building and leadership training for middle and upper
    management, team performance, organizational effectiveness, quality assurance, process
    improvement. He places emphasis on employee empowerment, sales accountability, and
    organizational management.

  • Richard R. Briney is tEnTec's Vice President and CIO. Richard's career consists of over 40 years
    within the Business Automation sector.  The past 15 years have been focused on leading SAP
    implementation teams within the following industries:  Automotive, Banking, Retail, and
    Customer Service.  

  • Lee Tarricone, PMP is EnTec's Vice President of Project Management.  He is a 20-year veteran of
    the education finance marketplace, and an expert in product implementation, and custom
    software solutions. Banks, universities, and loan guarantee agencies throughout the US have
    relied on Lee for solutions to issues involving loan guarantee, origination and disbursement,
    user acceptance testing and training, and product development. As the state of the art advances,
    as revisions become necessary, and as statutes and regulations mandate change, Lee has
    participated in scores of complex projects to meet customer requirements. These include
    migration from legacy systems; development of loan origination and disbursement engines; and
    specialized customer process scenarios. With decades of real-world experience, Lee’s insight
    has been key to maintaining status management, scheduling, and cost control parameters to
    his customers’ projects.
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