Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a "management approach or
model that puts the customer at the core of a company's processes and
practices. CRM leverages cutting-edge technology, integrated strategic
planning, up close and personal marketing techniques and organizational
development tools to build internal and external relationships that increase
profit margins and productivity within a company."

Simply put, CRM is a finely tuned composition of technology tools, business
processes, and people issues. Achieving the proper balance is the key to a
successful CRM launch, or systems improvement.

Which Technology Tool?

Selecting appropriate customer relationship management (CRM) software
can be a daunting task. Most buyers of CRM software buy blind-or at least
with seriously occluded vision. Why? Because vendors, rather than objective
sources, provide the vast majority of the information buyers use to decide
which CRM software systems to evaluate. That's understandable, given the
lack of alternative information sources accessible to buyers. What little
objective information exists is vendor-driven, not customer-focused.

Why EnTec Solutions?

We're Experienced. Our consultants are dedicated professionals with
many years of experience in implementation, customization, development
and training. We can demystify CRM solutions and make them work to grow
your business.

We're Certified. Authorized by many leading CRM software companies,
EnTec Solutions is a systems integrator specializing in designing,
deploying and supporting these mission critical network systems.

We're Focused. One size doesn't fit all . . . And we can serve our customers
best by zeroing in on solutions targeted to organizations with between 5 and
250 computer users.

We're Results-Obsessed. At EnTec Solutions, we know that even the best
software won't change your bottom line unless it gets integrated into the way
you do business. Training and support make the difference.
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